About us

Brickwork Marketing is a one-to-one marketing and public relations agency that offers a refreshingly flexible solution to marketing for companies within the HVAC and Building Products industries. 

Our aim is to help both small and larger businesses. Working alongside marketing departments we can assist them in delievering their marketing and PR objectives, or can manage specific projects indvidually. For smaller companies who may not have the resource for full time marketing personnel, we can operate as your 'external' marketing department and develop and implement your complete marketing strategy. 


We differentiate ourselves by giving you the flexibility to pick and chose what services you require, as and when you need with them. Working either on an hourly or project-by-project basis, this means you only pay for the services you require, with no high monthly costs. Allowing us to deliver cost effective, efficient and timely support.


With over 15 years experience in the sector we can quickly grasp the technical aspects of products and have a sound understanding of the market. Working closely with our clients we provide a personal approach. Spending time to understand your business, your products and your corporate objectives to ensure we deliver complete solutions on time and within budget. 

Putting professional marketing support at your fingertips Brickwork Marketing is your new flexible friend.

Our objectives

- to add value to your business and your customers

- to help you win and retain customers

- to deliver marketing solutions to your budget requirements

- to provide a dedicated and personal service


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